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In America On January 24 Congress will pass two acts, SOPA & PIPA, despite the vast majority of Americans and people world wide being opposed to it. These two acts amount to internet censorship and these laws will be passed unless 41 senators block the vote.

These acts need to die. We need to protect our rights to free speech and privacy. If these acts are passed into law it sets a dangerous precedent and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows. Nobody wants the internet to be censored.

Even if you do not live in America SOPA & PIPA, if passed, will affect you. The laws will affect everyone around the world in ways that are apparent and not so apparent.

If you haven’t heard of SOPA or PIPA please read these articles about it:

Check out this info graphic, read what experts are saying about it, watch this short video:

Recently the Obama administration voiced it’s concerns about SOPA & PIPA and sided with the skeptics, while other members of Congress have back peddled hard on SOPA. These are only small victories in a larger war. Despite these wins we need to keep up the pressure.

Please do everything you can to raise awareness, to oppose and stop SOPA & PIPA. If you have a web site censor it, if you live in America email congress. Hit up americancensorship.org to find out what you can do to stop SOPA & PIPA. What ever you can do, do it! No matter how small your efforts will help to keep up the pressure.

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