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Actively cooled HTPC chassis round-up

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If fans don’t drive you bat sh!t crazy and you want a high quality actively cooled HTPC case then I might just have something for you for you. I have saddled up my metaphorical horse and rounded up some of the best actively cooled HTPC cases about.

The usual suspects like Silverstone and Lian Li do have some pretty sweet HTPC cases but they are not the only ones that can make some sweet cases.

Origen AE, Wesena, and Moneual probably aren’t the first names that you think of, or names that you think of at all unless you are a HTPC enthusiast. Which is a bit strange as their chassis are every bit as good, if not better, than any of Silverstone’s or Lian Li’s offerings.

Origen AE

Origen AE are a Korean company that make some of the best HTPC cases that I have seen, their M and S series cases are hotter than the sun and are more stylish than a room full of supermodels. They aren’t the cheapest cases but the best doesn’t come cheap. I have used Origen AEs S16V chassis for my previous HTPC and was mightily impressed with it.

Kulture - Best HTPC cases

Kulture - Best HTPC cases

Kulture - Best HTPC cases


Wesena make some great cases if you are looking for a case with a small footprint and/or a low profile. Their mITX series HTPC chassis have a compact foot print and would make make for a great pint size HTPC. If you want something more low profile then checkout Wesena’s E series HTPC chassis which can accommodate either a mATX or mITX motherboard. All of Wesenas chassis are simple, functional and stylish but best of all they are relatively cheap.

Kulture - Best HTPC cases


Moneual are another company that have some great HTPC specific cases that are functional and look great. They do low profile as well as big cases with 7” touch screens. If you are after a high end case then you should checkout Moneual offerings.

Kulture - Best HTPC cases

Kulture - Best HTPC cases

Have I missed any cases? Do you know of any cases that should be included? Have you ever used any of these cases? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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