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CyanogenMod Android love for the Hardkernel Odroid U2

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Kulture - CyanogenMod Android love for the Hardkernel Odroid U2 HTPC

Hardkernel’s Jelly Beans aren’t the freshest beans going around, still Android 4.1 isn’t exactly the most stale version of Android. More than 60.7% of android users are running Honeycomb, Android 3.x, API level 11 – 13, or earlier. The majority, 47.4%, of users are still running some version of Gingebread, Android 2.3.x API level 9 – 10.

By todays standards, given the speed at which technology and innovation moves, Honeycomb has crystallised, Gingerbread is stale and possibly starting to grow mould.

If you want some fresher jelly beans for your Odroud U2 Android computer then you are in luck, CyanogenMod has some fresh Android 4.2.2 love for your Odroid U2.

Although CM 10.1 for the Odroid U2 may be super fresh there are no stable builds for it yet, nor is there even an RC. The most stable build is a Monthly Snapshot build released on 11/04/2013. Another bigger problem is that CM 10.1 for the Odroid U2 has no Ethernet support.

If you want a fresher version than v4.1 of Android on your Odroid U2 and are feeling brave, or aren’t bothered by the lack of Ethernet support then give CM 10.1 a go.

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