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Ballistic Shell Gel Case review

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Kulture - Ballistic Shell Gel Case

They sure don’t make them like they used to. Today’s phones are thinner than a bulimic rock star with a cocaine habit which makes them more fragile than said rock stars ego. Unlike a rock stars ego no amount of reassurance that they are the most awesome thing in the world will fix a phone should it break, it’s certainly not as cheap as reassurance either.

Some phones are more fragile than others, ergo they need more protection, like the Nexus 4 which is sandwiched in-between two bits of glass and is the sort of phone that you would defiantly want a case for. A phone case is cheaper than having your phone repaired or replaced.

Any case will offer your phone more protection than leaving it naked, but not all cases offer the same level of protection. If you want the ultimate protection for your Nexus 4 then you want a Ballistic Shell Gel Case.

Short of wrapping your phone in bubble wrap the Ballistic Shell Gel Case will give you the best protection. While bubble wrap will probably keep your phone safer and more water proof it wouldn’t exactly be really usable which is where the Ballistic Shell Gel Case trumps good old bubble wrap. The Ballistic Shell Gel Case offers the best balance of protection and usability.

Boasting advanced three layer protection and reinforced corner protection the Ballistic Shell Gel Case is well suited to protecting your pride and joy from drops, knocks, and bumps. Although it does add a bit of bulk to the phone it is well worth it for the extra protection that it offers.

The case comes in two parts, an inner silicone case which absorbs shock and a hard impact resistant outer shell that fits snugly over the silicone case. Dressing the nexus 4 in the Ballistic Shell Gel Case is easy, insert the phone into the silicone case then snap on the hard impact resistant outer shell and you are good to go. The case comes with instructions but you probably won’t need tem.

The rear of the case has cut-outs for the speaker, the camera, flash, and features two little bumps which when laid on a flat surface raise the phone enough so that audio from the speaker isn’t muffled and can still be heard.

On each side of the case the rubber buttons are well defined and easy to push and make it easy to find the volume and on/off buttons by feel alone, unlike some other cases I have tried which I have had to look at to see where the buttons are. The top and the bottom of the phone have cut-outs for the USB port, the microphones, and headphone jack. Headphones and the USB charger plug in easily and isn’t hindered by the case at all. Some other cases I have used have almost covered the headphone jack and USB port making it harder to plug them in. The case doesn’t have a cut out for the SIM card tray but then you aren’t likely to be changing the SIM regularly anyway so this isn’t really an issue. Besides removing the case to change the SIM is easy enough.

Each corner of the case is protected by big nobly bits of thick silicone which will protect the phone should it land on a corner if it gets dropped. The front corners of the case are raised enough so that the face of the phone is raised it it is placed on a flat surface.

The case is well constructed and gives me confidence that if I were to make like captian clutz and drop my phone that it is well protected and would be fairly safe. In fact I was so confident that I even tossed, threw and dropped my Nexus 4 and it didn’t sustain any damage at all thanks to the Ballistic Shell Gel Case.

However the case won’t protect the face of the phone if it lands face down on an uneven surface. It would be a good idea to invest in a screen protector to protect the front glass face of the phone.

The Ballistic Shell Gel Case even looks god and doesn’t cheapen the look of the Nexus 4 in any way shape or for unlike some other hideous things that pass for a case. In fact it makes the Nexus 4 look even more bad arse and hardcore than any other case. The build quality of the case is top notch and the case fits the phone like a glove.

It’s not the cheapest case you can buy but then you get what you pay for and with the The Ballistic Shell you are paying for the best protection you can get which is still a lot cheaper than a phone repair bill or replacing the phone.

If you are looking for the best protection money can buy then look no further, this case will give you phone the best chance of surviving a drop or any other knocks and bumps that it may receive. Good looks and excellent build quality make this case a winner.

Thanks to Chris from MobileZap for supplying the Ballistic Shell Gel Case. MobileZap offer an awesome range of cases for the Nexus 4 as well as other great accessories for the Nexus 4, other phones, and tablets.

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