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5 of the best $10 Steam games

Posted on June 17, 2011 by | 1 Comment

Broke like a plate at a Greek wedding? But still want to get your game on? Well check the back of the couch and if you find $10 then hit up Steam check out these great $10 games.

If you haven’t played Portal you haven’t played the best game ever! I guarantee will be the best $10 money that you can spend. If you purchase Portal and don’t like it then you may have had a lobotomy. Hopefully by then Portal 2 would have come down in price by then because I don’t think it’s worth the $50 asking price but I still don’t regret dropping the cash and pre ordering Portal 2. But I digress that’s a matter for another time.

Half Life / Half Life 2
Any of the Half Life or Half Life 2 games are worth 2x as much as you will pay for them. There are plenty of mods and extras that will offer you hours and hours of extra game play and will keep you playing the game for a long time to come. I would suggest starting with the original Half Life and playing the whole series in order.

Beat Hazard
Like music? Like old skool top down shoot em ups? Then you will love Beat Hazard. Powered by your music, it can best be described as a music driven arcade shooter. You fly a ship and shoot enemy ships and the whole game is in time to the music and the beat, one of the better music driven games that I have ever played.

Defence Grid: The Awakening
According to Steam I have wasted 127 hours on this game, it’s my most played game after the Half life and Portal series of games. It’s a tower defence game with awesome graphics & great game The gist is you have to build defence towers to stop aliens stealing your power cores but there are many different types of gun towers and aliens that have their strengths and weakness. What makes Defence grid so great is that it’s an easy game to pick up and play but hard to master. If you can spare a few extra dollars then splash out and get the DLC too for more tower building alien killing fun.

Heroes Of Might And Magic V
A turn based strategy game doesn’t sound that great and normally I’d give this sort of game a miss but give it a chance I’m sure once you play HOMM V you will get hooked Like I have been since HOMM II. If you are geek enough to like dungeons and dragons and that sort of fantasy world then your going to love HOMM V. And hold tight because Ubisoft are going to release HOMM VI later this year and it looks great! I’n the mean time I’m going to play through HOMM V again because it’s that good.

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