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O Brave New World – Bungie documentary

Gaming geeks will probably have heard of Bungie. They are the studio behind Halo, you know that Xbox console game. This year is Bungies 20th anniversary, to celebrate the team have put together a 55 minute documentary covering the studio’s past, present, and future.

Awesome Portal mods

The other day I wrote about 5 of the best $10 games on Steam. Portal was one of them. If I only had $10, to spend on one game for an entire month then I’d drop the cash for portal because there are some great mods for it that will make you fall in love [...]

5 of the best $10 Steam games

Broke like a plate at a Greek wedding? But still want to get your game on? Well check the back of the couch and if you find $10 then hit up Steam check out these great $10 games.

You got GTA in my Mario Brothers!

YouTube filmmakers Country Club Pictures have made one of the best Grand Theft Auto IV machinima I have ever seen. Ever wondered what Mario brothers would be like if it was more like GTA? Check it out… And the sequel is just as awesome!

Songs to test by

I’m like a Metro train on this one – late. Better late than never. What the Portal 2 Team said: With Aperture-brand turrets, boots, bots and panels flooding the applied science aisle of your local department store, you could forgive the up-and-coming test lab for taking a breather. Judging from their latest press release, though, [...]

Playing Wii games without a Wii

I have never been a fan of consoles until I went out drinking one night with friends and ended up back at a friends place drinking and playing Wii bowling drunk. That game is hella fun when your drunk! But it wasn’t cool enough to make me go out and buy a Wii, it was [...]

Zero Punctuation on Portal 2

Yahtzee’s hilarious take on Portal 2.

My 2c on Portal 2

Portal 2 was one of the most anticipated games of 2011, it was certainly the only game of the year that I was really hanging out for. If I could only purchase one game all year it would have been Portal 2. Released bundled in with the Orange Box Portal was more of an experiment [...]

Free games on Steam

Who isn’t a fan of free? If your not then you won’t like this thread of free Steam games on the Steam forums. Games like Half-Life 2: Deathmatch & Lost coast, and Portal: First Slice (for Nvidia owns only, wtf Valve? Come on share the love), Alien Swarm, TrackMania Nations Forever and more can be [...]


This is another installment in my series about gaming on a low end laptop. Another alternative I have not covered, because of it’s questionable legality, is abandonware.

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