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Gaming for free on a low end laptop

I need to start saving some cash. By that I mean I really need stop buying games apart from anything HL/Portal related they are the exceptions to the rule. I have brought games, because they were cheap (Steam… yeah) and looked good, then only played them for a short while before I got bored of [...]


Prepare to stare at the screen till your eyes bleed like you have been shooting up crack straight into them. Canabalt is so simple, there is no end and you just try to beat your own high score which is probably what makes it so addictive. There is only one button, jump. The idea is [...]

Gaming on a low end laptop

I have a pretty low end laptop. I only brought it to surf the net, type up documents and watch DVDs on. I have never used or wanted to use it for gaming until I got a bad case of Cellulitis (an infection of the tissue) in my left ankle and was left bed ridden [...]

First person Tetris

First Person Tetris is (maybe, possibly) a new twist on the classic game of Tetris. When you rotate the shape the screen rotates as well. There is a night mode that I think is supposed to be harder than the normal mode but I found it a bunch easier because all you see is the [...]


This game is part of the reason why I’m a bit tiered right now. It’s an easy simple game but so addictive! I don’t know why it just is. Click and hold the mouse button to shoot a grappling hook that you use to swing from block to block. The aim is to get as [...]

Super Meat Boy

I had herd somewhere about this Meat Boy… so I Googled it and found the awesome Meat Boy flash game. I played it, I loved it. Then I discovered that Meat Boy was being made into a real game and it’s called Super Meat Boy. Basically it’s a platformer where you, a wad of meat, [...]

I hate Steam* but Puzzle Dimension is cool

Steam is evil it keeps stealing my money! With such great games at even better prices (no this isn’t an advertisement, paid or otherwise) it’s hard to resist. Add to that the convenience of being able to download/install almost any game (except for some games that you can pre purchase and install on the release [...]

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